Unique online business or a physical business

Today the businesses are seeking existence in the dot-com world so that they can enjoy the numerous benefits that come with an online presence. Just having an online presence is not the key, but having customers who purchase from the website is a win-win situation. There are a few websites that do not have the right elements and the core functionality to attract the customers and convert them to buyers. Such situations bring out the necessary elements and the missing features that should be a part of the best converting e-commerce sites.

There is no hard and fast rule that make a website the best; it is usually a mix and match of techniques that figure out as the best solution. Features that should be a part of the best converting e-commerce sites are:

Brand presence: Be it an only online venture or a physical business, it is necessary that the brand is a recognized one. If the public generally has no awareness about the brand then how much ever attractive the website maybe there will be hardly any conversions. The brand should have a presence to have conversions. A brand that has been just started needs to attract customers and have marketing campaigns to increase awareness about its existence.

  • Closed down focus on the market niche: Whatever a business may be selling, there are a lot of companies that turned into mere failures all because they had not defined their market segments. When the target market is undefined the brand is floating on uncharted waters and this only creates further loss of direction. Every brand should have a pre-identified niche so that they can target the market accordingly.
  • Building visitors: There are two aspects to customer conversion. The traffic source and the landing pages are two parts of the client’s conversion. There is always a source from which the customer is visiting the page; the landing page offers the outlook of the probable goods that consumer might be interested in and offers the form of purchase. The source of bringing in customers should also be identified and diversified at relevant platforms so that there are increased conversions.
  • Functional and easy to use call to action buttons on the website: Navigation is a key player when attracting and converting customers is concerned. If the website does not have clear action buttons, or confusing ones then people tend to avoid such sites which ultimately lowers the traffic. To be successful in converting the customers, websites should have fewer, simpler and clearer call to action buttons so that the clients are not confused.


  • Forms: It is a norm for the sites to offer forms for their visiting customers. The forms should be simple and to the point. People do not like filling long forms or answering unnecessary questions. This helps in retaining the customers. More straight forward information asked on the website also encourages the customer to stay and browse, long forms are a major put-off.


  • Security seals: The dot-com world is fast paced and always open to various threats. This is the reason the websites should have the security checks all over their websites especially the payment methods area. This instills a sense of secure confidence in the consumers that they are browsing safe. Security seals also increase the ratio of returning customers.


  • The techniques mentioned above were found common in nearly all the highest conversion e-commerce websites such as Shopify. Though these are not the hard and fast rules, they should be an integral part of any e-commerce site to make it a success!