3 Ecommerce Marketing Trends you need to know In 2017

Almost 60% of all internet users have used eCommerce, and more will continue to use eCommerce. Over the years, eCommerce has gained its stand, and the revenue generated from it is increasing.

The questions on most eCommerce entrepreneur’s minds are “what are the top marketing trends to look out for?”, “what marketing technique can I use to give my eCommerce business a head shot?”

In this article, we would be discussing the top 3 eCommerce marketing trends and what they mean for an eCommerce business.

  1. Big data. One of the top eCommerce marketing trends is the big data. The big data is used to provide an improved customer experience which would lead to greater conversions. Let’s talk more about the big data. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you search for something on the internet let’s say bags, and the next time to visit a blog or log into Facebook, you start seeing different ads about bags.

That is the big data at work. The blog and Facebook you visited are using big data for relevant ad targeting.

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Big data is even more incredible when it comes to eCommerce because it can improve your user’s experience to the fullest that you would make lots of sales, even more than the sales you have been making. You can use big data to track customers’ behaviors, develop new products, target ads, keep tabs on your business, improve marketing campaigns, and so much more.

  1. Content marketing. Content marketing is one of the biggest trends in eCommerce. And what is content? Content is any information that is relevant, engaging, interesting, helpful, inspirational or entertaining. It comes in the form of audio, image, video or text.

Content marketing should be part of your marketing strategy, and here is why; content marketing expands customers’ scope. Mostly, content has an effect on the buying decision of customers; the better your content it, the better chance your customer would buy from you.

Content also provides your site with more traffic which would lead to more sales; it also helps you keep and interact with your customers.

  1. Mobile is powerful. Up to 70% of eCommerce revenue will come from smartphones; This is the time you need to invest more in creating a mobile-responsive site. The world is changing, and technology is improving by the day, most people now buy all they need to buy on their tablets or phone.

Smartphone has taken over computers regarding traffic, and they are estimated to be the top source of traffic for eCommerce sites. Note that the increase in smartphone usage would lead to a rapid growth in the mobile wallet. So if your majority of your customers are Android users or young people, integrating mobile wallet should in your top priority list now.

….. And these are the top 3 marketing trends to look for in 2017. There are more trends, but it is a good thing to start with these 3 top trends.

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