Top 10 trends in eCommerce marketing

There are lots of eCommerce marketing trends, but the question I “do they last?” some don’t, and some do. The ten most likely trends that would last are:

  1. Mobile friendly website. Although investing in a mobile-friendly website may not seem like the best marketing strategy, but if you think outside the box, you would see that there is more to a mobile-friendly site than you think. When your site is mobile-friendly, you have a better chance of gaining traffic than a site that is not mobile-friendly.
  1. User experience. Recently, the user experience of your website is now crucial than ever. If a user has a bad experience using your website, there is every tendency that the use won’t come back. So make sure you ensure that your website provides good user experience.
  1. Content marketing. The recent trend of eCommerce marketing going on is the content marketing. Most people hate being interrupted by ads when reading, but they like the sight of contents. So go for content marketing.
  1. This is the most wonderful trend of eCommerce marketing. Remarketing allows you to show your product to customers every time as they move across the internet. If your remarketing strategy is right, the customer might be propelled to buy.

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  1. Customer engagement. Customer engagement is a trend that has been on for long, but most marketers don’t know how to utilize it. Engage with your customers fast and well, and they would turn into your greatest assets.
  1. Free return and better shipping. The faster and cheaper you ship products to your customer, the better chance they would stick with you. No customer wants to pay a huge amount of money on shipping costs.
  1. Social proof/feedback. It is reality that people would follow the crowd and would do things just because others are doing it. All you need to do is to bring this fact to your eCommerce business. Asking your customers to write reviews for each product they buy, is a huge gain for you.
  1. Live videos. Using the media as a marketing tool as always been a big trend in eCommerce; so videos are not exceptions. Most people would find it better to view live videos than viewing videos that is no longer live. With the right strategy, live videos can boost your traffic and sales.
  1. Knowing your audience. Doing customer research can be really time consuming and difficult, but it is beneficial for your business. In order for your business to grow, you need to know your targeted audience. Knowing your targeted audience would boost your sales.User-generated content. To get your
  1. customers write a post about your products, it takes time and patience. But once you have gotten the key to getting your customer do it for you; you have succeeded in making sales. The fact is that customers trust what other customers say than what you say. Encouraging your customers to write a post about your product or share a picture of your product on Instagram is an excellent way to boost your sales.

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